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Our Mission is to assist individuals with developmental disabilities, obtain and maintain employment in their community.  The employment aims to provide the individuals with structure and supplemental income, to help them increase their self-esteem and enable them to enhance their quality of life.
​                                               CAP Employment Service

Community Access Plus offers Supported Work Group to individuals with developmental disabilities:

Benefits for Individuals with Disabilities:
· Job training with wages in a real work setting.
· Job training in a setting where expectations conform to competitive work standards.
· Greater Independence in the community.
· Increase Self-esteem.
· Biweekly paycheck.  

Employer Hired Groups
Individuals in the group are hired and paid directly by the host companies.  Individuals earn above minimum wages and are provided with company benefits.  Like the regular model, CAP provides the necessary job coaching.

Individual Placement
Job Coaching is provided on-site job support for as long as needed. It gradually phases out and is replaced by follow-up visits to ensure host employer satisfaction.